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Books by Maranatha: Hi, I’m Maranatha, but you can call me God’s biro. When God speaks, I piece together words that help believers retain Jesus in their hearts. Here’s a display of some books God has enabled me to write.

Latest Book: Staying Soft the Anthology

Staying Soft: Poems to restore your heart to softness in Christ, is a Christian poetry anthology–100 poems designed to uplift your heart, convert your soul and draw your spirit closer to God through relatable stories (and traumas) that we all share and carry.

my library; the devotional cheat code

The Devotional Cheat Code

Do you struggle with consistency in your devotion? Is your Bible study and prayer life like an on-and-off streak on Duo Lingo? That is about to change.

my library; all you have to be is light

All you have to be is Light

This book gets rid of common Christian stereotypes and connects personal/character development to the spread of the Gospel. 



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  3. My latest book is a Christian poetry anthology called ‘Staying Soft: Poems to restore your heart in Christ.’ It is a book designed to uplift the heart, convert the soul and draw the spirit even closer to God through relatable stories (and traumas) that we all share and carry.

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