Bible Resources

Intentional growth.

Here, I have compiled resources that have helped me tremendously in maximising my times of fellowship with God and worshipping Him with understanding and clarity. I constantly update them, so trust you will always find something new. I pray these help you too. 

Let’s go!

Printable evangelism tracts

These are designed to be conversation-starters for the shy ones like me who need a lirru’ bit of help to share Jesus. I’ve found them so helpful and valuable for follow-up.

Print on a4 (front & back), then cut. The goal is to take Jesus to the ends of da’ earth. Join in! 

N.B. – Suitable for individuals and small groups/communities during evangelism & outreach activities.


Recommended Devotionals
  • Please note that all these plans are only available on the Youversion (Bible) app. An app I really recommend for every Christian.

1. Mornings with the Holy Spirit (a plan to help you inculcate the habit of meeting with God at the start of your day).

2. Made for This (a devotional on your identity, belonging and purpose for your life).

3. Holy Emotions: Biblical Responses to Every Challenge.

4. How to Know God’s Will for Your Life.

5. The Character of God (a deep dive into who God is and what this means in your life.)

6. Purity (why it’s important and how you can achieve it).

7. Finding work-life balance (a plan that helps you revolve your life around Christ, your true ANCHOR.)

8. Life Hacks: Practical Tips for Godly Habits.

9. The Basics of Discipleship (what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how to start.)

10. Evangelism & Discipleship.

11. The Listening Side of Prayer.

12. How to Get Out of Your Head.

13. Scaling leadership the Bible way (a plan for every leader.)

14. How to Pray for Your Work.

15. Communicating at Work with the Fruits of the Spirit.

16. How to Pray for Healing and Get Results.

17. Tuning into God: Four Spiritual Practices.

18. Ten Things to Abadon for Spiritual Growth.

19. Waiting on God.

20. Hearing the Voice of God.

21. How to Stop Fear, Insecurity and Worry.

22. 30 Days of Emotional Health (prioritize and restore your emotional health the Godly way).

23. Pouring Into Others When You Feel Empty.

24. God + Goals: How to Set Goals as a Christian.

25. One Minute After You Die.

Frequently Asked Questions About Christianity.

1. Ten objections to Christianity and how to respond.

2. Does God visit the iniquities of the fathers on the children? Click here, here and here for the clarified answer to this question.

3. What happens to those who have never heard the gospel?

4. Where did Cain’s wife come from? Was incest allowed in the Bible? Click here and here for clarified answers to this question.

5. Thinking highly of yourself (something about ego to reflect on).

6. Mistaking the voice of God for the voice of man? How to tell the difference.

7. How to properly understand the Bible.

8. Feeling guilty before God? What’s the difference between true guilt and false guilt?

Commentaries for deeper Bible study

I find commentaries very helpful while studying the Bible for the sake of context and avoiding misinterpretation. Currently, I only use one commentary, which I have linked below. I would not suggest a resource I have not used before, so I’ll update once I have tried out others!

1. David Guzik’s Bible Commentary.

Uplifting, Soul-enriching Music Playlists:

ABBA’s love for me ❤️

Embrace the consciousness of how deeply God loves you.

Anxiety has no place 🤍

Get rid of anxiety. Let the peace of Jesus fill your heart.

Broken for Christ ❤️✨

A repentance playlist.
Leave the guilt; come to Jesus.

Deep in Jesus 🤎

Understanding the heart of our Lord Jesus.

Heartache. Numbness.

Songs for when you feel numb and want to feel something.

Holy Ghost, COME.

A consecration playlist. Making Space for the Spirit.

Vertical Praise

Vertical praise 🙏
(Revelation 19:3)

Vertical worship 🌫✨

From your heart, worship the Lord in spirit and in truth.

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