A likkle introduction…

Hello Christian, welcome! I am an ANTEAMBULO–one who proceeds another to clear the way, making it easier for them to pass through: This is who I’d like to be to you if you let me. Having a guide won’t prevent every mistake, but it makes the journey easier and helps avoid costly ones.

The one error we often make is thinking that because it’s God, it requires no effort. Well, I believe serving God requires effort and intentionality. Come share in my well of experiences, and let me clear the way for you in the strength of the One who has called us. I am here to be your Christian guide and help you truly embrace your new life in Christ by living as a foreigner in this world and maximising your time on earth in preparation for heaven, your real home. 

If you let me teach you and take you through my journey of faith, who knows what wonderful things you could teach me too?

The Christian journey I desire for you


Saved, reconciled with Abba, our Father; granted access through Jesus.


A reduction in your attachment to the world till Christ calls you home.


A continuous increase in your resemblance to God via the Holy Spirit.


Embracing purpose. How many can you bring with you to heaven?

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Books to trigger your detachment & build your spiritual maturity:

“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” (Psalms 68:11, KJV)

The Devotional Cheat Code

The first and most daunting thing I experienced as a Christian was maintaining a devotional habit. It was war! Under the guidance and instruction of the Holy Spirit, I wrote this book for you and for me as a timeless guide for everyone who desires to make fellowship with God a daily habit. Bye-bye to the excuses!

Price: $7/N2,500

All you have to be is Light (eBook & paperback)

This book gets rid of common Christian stereotypes and connects personal/character development to the spread of the Gospel. The truth is many believers have a shallow idea of who they are, their power & authority to impact this world for God, this book aims to correct that. A must-read for every new believer.

Price: $9/N3,000 – $15/N6,000

Get eBook bundle: N5,000.

Access free resources to stir up your Christian growth: 

Bible resources.

Printable evangelism tracts, Christian music playlists, FAQs about Christianity + answers, devotionals and more. 


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