A space for you and me…

Walking with ABBA is the easiest and hardest thing I’ve ever done. Easy because He makes it so simple to come to Him, and pour out everything that I am. Hard because sometimes, I shy away from His unrelenting grace. This will be me sharing my struggles and wins as I walk with Jireh to close the gap between us until I am where He wants us to be.

Join me ♥🕊✨

  • I hear the song He sings over me.

    My heart has written. 05/05/23 Dear Cheryl, I wrote this… poem sometime last month. I cannot remember the exact circumstances, but while I prayed this morning, my heart remembered it again in fondness and longing. I named it ‘my heart has written’ because it is a new song from a part of my soul I […]


  • As surely…

    Lord, as surely as my eyes can behold the beauty in this world that you have woven with your handsMay my heart swell in acceptance of the beauty of Your WordMay I revel in in Your instructions Lord, as surelyas sleep overtakes me after a tired dayMay Your laws compact my actionsMay my words and […]


  • Roses are red

    Roses are redViolets are blueI’m in sync with youAnd I’ll do all you’ll have me do Roses are redViolets are blueFast or slow may seem this raceBut I’ll always move at your pace — Maranatha10/01/2022


  • Still learning…

    Still learning to love God, as much as He loves me Still learning to put Him first,above and beyond Still learning to wrap my heart like a present each day,and lay it at His feet Still learning not to hold on to tightly,for there is more to go and more to come It is beautiful […]