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Do you need a copywriter? I’m Maranatha (stretches out my hand for a handshake), and I’m great at saying what other people think. Nice to meet you!
You’re not here for stories, so I’ll get right into it. But first, a gift for you…

What I do:

I simplify communication so your audience can take action.

Who I do it for:

Websites, apps, digital products etc.

How I do it:

Conversion-crafted copy designed to optimise sales.

“Your ability to communicate with others will account for 85% of success in your business.”
– Brian Tracy.

A copy should tell a clear, complete story from the beginning to the end.


Tap me.

Your word…

…is your power, and you should wield it with integrity. Whatever you say (or do not say) matters. A lot. In fact, it often makes ALL the difference.

Don’t you want to be a hero?

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…isn’t just about the words; it is about the PARTICULAR words that tell your story and are always associated with you when people think about you.
And in your story, YOU should be the HERO. But you cannot be the hero in your story when you cannot clearly express who you are and what you do.

Here’s your chance.

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How do I come in?

I help you find the right words while giving creative and vibrant expression to your thoughts and ideas, creating an interactive story that you draw your website/app users into.

A sneak peek at the other side;

What happens when your website/app copy is bland or, worse, unclear?

You lose clients

Your lack of clarity makes you go beat about without hitting the nail on the head, making you lose potential prospects.

You confuse your prospects

Confusing people out of buying from you because your copy lacks clarity.

You lose leads

Boring people out because your copy is unexciting and lacks the creativity needed to keep your prospects engaged.

You come across as a fraud

Bland, inconsistent and error-filled copy makes you look like a fraud.

Copywriter - image of Maranatha

I can help. As a copywriter:

  • I have spent over 7 years as a copywriter for various industries, from technology and furniture to lifestyle and finance, and across different levels of businesses, from startups to corporate entities.
  • I have reviews that speak for my work from clients I have worked with over the years.
  • I studied Mass Communication for four years and have other writing certifications.
  • I can spot a typo from a mile away, and bad grammar irks me.
  • I have worked with local and international brands, crafting copy that stands the test of time.

I am not just here to take your money; As a Copywriter, I want to make you money.

Your website/app copy shouldn’t be ‘copy and paste’. Your authenticity should speak and sell for you even while you sleep.
Let me help you become confident in who you are and what you sell by giving you the best words to express your ideas.

The Budget-friendly offer: from $50

Best option for individual builders on a budget.

Ready-made templates for different kinds of websites; just add your name, and you’re good to go.

You can request a specific template, and it will be tailor-made to your preference and delivered to you in 72 (working) hours or more, depending on the scope of work.

The Premium offer – $300 flat rate.

Best option for professional builders who need copy on a one-off basis.

“Copy guides design. Great copy goes beyond words to the layout, context, and relationship between the words and other elements on each page.”

15% discount for first-time clients

1 on 1 clarity session

Live collaboration with website designer/builder

Changes made in real-time, minimising back and forths

Copy tailored to your specific needs and peculiarities

Dedicated support + 7 days after access for any additional tweaks

Search Engine Optimization

The Subscription offer (in-house copywriter) – $2,500 per quarter

Best option for professional builders who need copy on a regular basis.

All options in Premium offer plus…

Unlimited number of copies

Copy tailored to your specific client needs

Double as an in-house editor to review all written documents 

Perfect for project periods within your organisation 

See recent projects I’ve worked on:

Whether you’re building your website DIY or with a professional developer, great copy is what stands you out and will stand the test of time.

Good copy is a long-term investment that will speak and sell for you timelessly, especially when you’re not around to speak for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your process like for the premium offer (live collaboration)?

Every text on your page is my concern. I start with a short session to understand the tone of voice, language and style you’d like to have on your website. Then we move to the structure, pages and every other customisation you’d like to implement. Please keep in mind that this is different for every website/app/digital product, which is why the live collaboration offer enables me to work directly with your website builder to make changes and tweaks as we go.

Reach out to me:

Got an inquiry or questions? Let’s work together; I feel like we’ll be best of friends already! Oh, don’t forget your free gift:

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