Staying Soft: poems to restore your heart to softness in Christ


Staying Soft: Poems to restore your heart to softness in Christ, is a Christian poetry anthology–100 poems designed to uplift your heart, convert your soul and draw your spirit closer to God through relatable stories (and traumas) that we all share and carry. 

N.B. – I call all my books my children. Staying Soft is a girl and her nickname is Softie.

Not so rare jpeg of a Softie.

The content of this book includes:

100 poems

Revolving around God, food, relationships, death, family etc. to shed light on the GOD way of doing these things.

11 Igbo poems

11 poems are written in Igbo language (all translated), with many of them written like a story but in verses. You don’t have to be a poetry lover to enjoy this book!

Soft life

Themed around a redefinition of what it means to be soft–surrendered to Jesus, and living for Him daily!


Softie contains a few illustrations, just to spice things up. The book will be available in soft copy, paperback as well audiobook. Stay tuned!

“I read the poem Yahweh Sabaoth and I cried. I love this anthology, I really do. It’s so good. There’s a poem for everything!”


“I was crying at 4C Hair. I can’t wait to finish reading because it felt like you were writing about my personal experiences!”




Staying Soft will be available for preorder starting July 2nd 2024 (my birthday!). While this book is still in the works, here is a list of ways you can get into what God is doing here: