Can I be flogged for the Name?

Somehow, I cannot wrap my head around it. 

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Today as I studied Acts, I came upon the part where the apostles rejoiced that they were flogged and counted worthy to be treated shamefully on behalf of the Name (Acts 5:40-41).

I paused.

Flogging? Flog me?

I have read about persecution in the Bible but never for once have I ever thought it as something that could happen to me. Not even remotely.
I have imagined getting shunned or ignored for standing for the Name but that I can deal with. What the disciples went through as they professed the name of the Lord? Blows my mind.

Sometimes it feels so ‘easy’ to be a Christian here where I live in the Western part of Nigeria. Asides from the predictable ‘oversabi‘ nature of people who feel it’s okay to say that you’re doing too much with your Christianity, the atmosphere is generally tolerable. There is no host of Sanhedrins insisting the gospel must not be preached. We’re not going against the government by declaring God’s Word.

Perhaps, this is why when I hear of certain countries where Christianity is banned, my mind cannot properly articulate the situation. I find myself unsettled and my mind is boggled. More than half the time when such a prayer point comes up, my mind wanders trying to even imagine what it must be like and still… I just cannot imagine it.

I feel a strong awe for the Christians who persevere and I wonder if that could ever be me. You see, some things we’ll never know until we experience them. A part of me wishes to be in a situation where I have the option to pick or denounce the Name. I want to know that I pick Him.

You know, I read somewhere that you cannot really claim to have made a choice if you never had to choose. I have chosen Christ over many situations in my life but not in a climate that is generally unfavourable to my faith.

I hope from my very depth that I choose Him. I ask you this same question, would you choose Him? Can you be flogged for your faith or even worse?

Shalom ♥🕊✨

2 responses to “Can I be flogged for the Name?”

  1. Lois avatar

    Hmmm. A tough one because it is easy to say I’m willing to be flogged when I don’t think it will ever happen. But I don’t want to deny God if there’s a situation. That’s why myself must die everyday. It’s not easy…..

    1. Maranatha avatar

      We just hope when we get to that point, He will see us through ♥

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