Today, my mother told me I behave like a snake

Current mood = tired.

Entry #0000005

Huh? Snake? I was bothered, mainly because I do not take lightly any comparison to the evil one.

Lol. Nigerian parents are just dramatic please.
But she clarified. My moods have been terrible these past few days; one day I am superhyper and the next minute, my face wears a literal nonexpression. She sounded worried and concerned, she could not read my moods sometimes and other times, I was just upproachable.

I had to pause.

You know, sometimes you do stuff and do not even realize that you’re doing them. My mood swings have always been a source of complaints both from my family and friends so I do my best to guard against them.

But sometimes my guard slips and I don’t discern that unconsiously, I’ve fallen back into old habits. So today, I am really thankful that I have people around me that tell me the truth. For the people that take note of these changes even when I cannot see them and are quick to tell me.

I invite you ro be thankful for the people around you keep you in check in some sort of way.
See them as an extension of God’s love for you, because that is what they really are.

My mother said something else that really had me thinking. She reminded me of the previous day when I was so happy and excited that I could not sit in one place. She told me it made her really happy and that she could not stop smiling.

It made me realize that your happiness really extends beyond you. Yes, it makes you feel good but it does the same for others and when that smile turns upside down, you steal a little sunshine from someone else’s life.

I pray you always remember that the source of your joy is God, may it never be nestled in external or fleeting things.
And I pray you never lack good people around you who never fail to be honest with you. Amen.

Shalom ♥🕊✨

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