Fasting Day 02 – I can do this 😉

'Can't steal my... energy, energy, energy!'

The first thing I hear when I wake up is the rumble of my stomach. What sorcery. I take a minute to laugh at the devil because it cannot be me.

I feel a lot more energized this morning though; after my prayers I have my bath and start my day – which is basically me putting on my glasses and sitting in front of my laptop.

At 4pm, I switch off to have my Bible study. I am quite pleased with myself because work (newsflash – I’m a Tech Sis and I work at an educational technology startup) has gone quite well and I have achieved a number of things.

I give Psalm 17 a temporary position as my current best chapter, courtesy of the second verse and I’ll explain why shortly. Verse one/two of that chapter says:

Pay attention to my cry
Let my vindication come from You

The stance of David to bring a ‘just cause’ before God and yet ask that his vindication comes from God is so beautiful to see. He is saying that he knows that by his own standards, he has a just cause but still, he wants God to be the judge. David reflected a heart willing to be corrected.
This stance makes sense because when we take matters into our own hands, it rarely ever ends well – I mean, think of all the times that David had the chance to kill King Saul who was after his life but did not. When God strikes, trust that ‘affliction will not rise’ a second time because God’s vengeance on our behalf can compare to no man’s (Nahum 1:9; Romans 12:19). That should sooth your heart dear child.

A text from my friend makes my heart swell – she, for the first time, extended her Bible study time to about almost 2 hours at a stretch. See, fasting stirs something within you. It does! You will do things that you could not do before.

I read through 3 chapters of ‘Leading Seeks You,’ by Pastor Emmanuel Iren (a book on how to be led by the Spirit of God) and one thing jumps out at me:

‘ Have more faith in God’s ability to communicate with you
than in your ability to hear him.’

In Pst. Iren’s voice, ‘This is so profound,’ 🙇‍♀️

At 6pm, the prayer session charges me up and as I pray, I get the idea to document my fasting journey for you (you can read Day 01 of my fasting here). God really answers prayers, I mean just this afternoon I really wanted to publish something here but I had no idea what to do.

The best ideas come from the place of prayer; a bowed heart opens the mind.


Some prayer points for today:

  1. The anointing of multiplication and increase is upon you
  2. Anything that you do, prospers
  3. By the leading of the Spirit and the wisdom of Christ, blessed are the works of your hands
  4. Your life is a testimonial of supernatural instructions
  5. You will not assume but work with precision of the Spirit
  6. Angels are moving into action to fasten slow processes and open closed doors for you

Read: John 5:2; Mark 10:46; Psalms 1:3; Isaiah 16:22; Deuteronomy 28:4; Isaiah 20:21; Acts 16:25-26 and Acts 12.

I encourage you to be expectant as you fast. What you want God to do for you, tell Him.
It is also very important that you edify yourself through the Word of God; sermons, teachings, books and in prayer even as you deaden your flesh.
This video has Myles Munroe explaining intricate details about why fasting is necessary and I believe that it will help you –

Day 03 is loading; the Lord is our strength! And like Korean movies addicts would say, ‘Fighting!’ (Cringe 😂)

You can watch a rebroadcast here:

Shalom ♥🕊✨

2 responses to “Fasting Day 02 – I can do this 😉”

  1. Mandss zara avatar

    This was such a beautiful read Maranatha, thank you for documenting this.
    Fasting does stir up things in us, it disciplines us.
    Not hunger strike, fasting, cos there’s a difference. Hunger strike is basically you just not eating for a long time, while fasting is while you’re starving your flesh, you’re edifying your spirit by dwelling in God’s word & praying (spiritual activities).
    Also, there’s something my mentor always says which is in sync with what Pastey said in his book, God is always communicating, the question is r you listening?
    Looking forward to reading todays documentary, yaaaayyyyy

    1. Maranatha avatar

      Exactly, the difference is what you do as you keep yourself off food and not just the act of keeping yourself off food. Thank you for following me on this journey! ❤

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