Fasting Day 06 – Busy…

I need 20 hours per day, not 24.

I hear people speak with so much conviction about how they would like some extras hours in a day; 24 hours is simply not enough. I disagree, what would I do with all that time?

Today starts off so beautifully. Remember the big step I told you I took on Thursday? I take an even bigger one in progression this morning. If you’re on my mailing list, you probably know all about this gist; if you’re not, you can join here.

I’m learning firsthand what it means to trust God wholly, mostly because this project is something I really have no idea how to do and lots of fears about. But if He says I can, then I can. I’m also learning that this life is one of service to God and to men. I am willing.

The rest of the day is a blur compared to my morning, taken up mostly by work. Here is a poem I wrote down as I prayed this morning:

Jesus, my intense lover
Slowly but surely,
I’m waking up to your love
my Beloved is, the most beautiful
Yeshua, so intense is your love
only death could perfectly describe it
how You felt about me
and You never stopped chasing me down
locking eyes with me at Calvary
Your eyes saying what words could not
that You would never give up on me
I am Yours and will always be
You knew someday I would return
And I have
You’ve never left the one behind
I am no exception 🤍

I have this song, ‘Getting Ready’ by Maverick City and UPPERROOM on repeat. It speaks of the wonderful things to come – the marriage of the Lamb. It gives me hope, something to look forward to when the dreary nature of day to day work overwhelms me.

I break at 6pm with only one prayer point on my lip and I pray this for you too:

May your life be a full expression of the fruits and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


You can watch a rebraodcast of today’s prayers here:

Shalom ♥🕊✨

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