Fasting Day 08 – Out and about

My mind is full today.

The details of yesterday night are clear in my mind when I wake up. Yesterday, a negative pattern in my behaviour was revealed to me and I was beyond shook because it never looked that way to me.

The test comes almost immediately – a little disclosure: I have the tendency to be rude with my words even when I do not consciously mean to. My words come out as abrupt or as a retort or just ‘offing,’ like a friend of mine would say. This hurts the people around me.
I realize if God matters to me, then people should too (1 John 4:12). Not that they did not before, but I never really put in the effort to filter my words especially when I get tired or stressed out and that matters too. I know I can do better.
So you know what I do today? I see a text message that can potentially annoy me and I resist the urge to reply immediately. I take about 5 minutes to vomit all the negative words I have at the tip of my tongue. This clears my head and I begin to think better and by better, I mean I start to think about the other person, how they feel and how two wrongs will not make a right.

So I am in a position to act better, like the Holy Spirit would want me to. See, the thing about anger or choosing to react instead of respond is that there’s this false feeling that it gives, presenting itself as a solution when it is actually a problem that keeps on giving.

If you can consider what is really important to you, your relationships and the people that really matter? You will want to be the light in a place that is dim, you will want to be the reason they can smile after a tired day, you will want to make them laugh when they come around you. And if you are tired or not in the mood to be all bubbly, you can choose to be honest about how you feel so that you do not confuse the people who love you and really want to help you.

You can do better for the people around you. This is the disposition that God is adjusting my heart to and it is just so good how God keeps working on me even when I think that He is done. This is God preparing me for this season of my life and I can feel it; feel Him exposing my flaws to correct them. Put Him and not myself first because that is what service is about.

See, God does not have to cure people of cancer through your hands before you know that He is working through you. Making people smile through your words or actions as filtered through the Spirit is a form of healing that you can practice everyday. You can extend God’s mercy to other people like you have received from Him.


I am out for most of today to work with my team on a project and it’s a huge success. I get back home quite late though and my fatigue is out of this world. Still, I am so excited, and thankful, because today is such an orchestration of God’s beautiful leading from start to finish just like everyday of my life will be!

You can watch a rebroadcast of today’s prayer session herw:

I love you
Shalom ♥🕊✨

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