Fasting Day 10 – Answered prayers

Here before me, is all I prayed for and more.

Today starts off really well, I mean as always. 😅

Something happens this morning to warm my heart; my little brother asks me to wake him up so we can pray together in the morning. I shake my head in disapproval because this is a human being that sleeps like a log of wood but he quickly cuts me short and gives me permission to pour water on him. It’s so funny that I burst out laughing but my heart tightens because this interest in itself is an answered prayer. Thank You Yeshua!

I tick off an item with a January 30 deadline this afternoon and I cannot help but feel proud of myself. It’s something I delayed for the longest because of uncertainty but the way things have played out makes it obvious that it was all in God’s plan.
I remember being led by the Spirit this morning to pray for an amount of people on my contact list and the response is something I did not anticipate. God moves in wonderful ways, my friends.

I’m really grateful to God for the spirit and gift of service. This is all I had in my heart as I began this fasting season.

I have Bible Study with a friend this afternoon; Jeremiah 43, where the Israelites after swearing to obey God, turned against Him because He gave them a word opposite to what they thought He would. It corresponds with the current chapter I’m reading in the book ‘Leading Seeks You,’ by Pst. Iren:

There is no point in seeking divine leading if you only want things done your way. When your heart is already set in its ways,
even when God speaks, you will hear your own thoughts instead.

Pst. Iren

This is dangerous. Absolutely dangerous. Imagine fasting and seeking the Lord’s face, then rejecting His counsel when He speaks because you are set on a particular method or way and you simply want God to agree with you, not instruct you. It is terrible. Terrible.

open my eyes to my sin
so that I do not come before You with false thanksgiving
when my heart has turned away from You


I pray for an open heart to discern what God’s will is and to abide by it, casting down all imaginations that exalth themselves above the knowledge of Him in your life. Amen.

I know that testimonies abound for you. Do not keep them to yourself but share to glorify God, as an evidence to His mighty works!

You can watch a rebroadcast of today’s prayers here:

Shalom ♥🕊✨

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