A prayer for faith

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart… “
(Proverbs 3:5)

I’ve found that knowing the promises of God does not prevent doubt from creeping in, especially when the answers seem so far off.
This is why this prayer is important. Just agree with me and it is yours by faith!

“Dear Lord, today I pray for the person reading this, Your child whom You hold so closely to Your side. I already know that You will never give what is beyond what your children can bear but I also pray that this one is made aware of the capacity within.

Strengthen your child to do Your will even as You give reminders of what You have already promised. You are the God who always confirms, so confirm Your will again and again to this one, we know that You are never late.

Raise this one’s head high, gaze locked with You above life’s storms, seeking You even when things look like they’re falling apart. Give this one Your wisdom, to pride Your counsel above every other tongue in this life and beyond.

Remind this one, that You have overcome the world already. Remind this one that this battle being fought is one that has already been won. Remind this one that there is a sure victory in front. Amen.”

Here is a playlist I listen to when I feel anxious or worried. I hope it helps you too.

Music – Songs for when you feel anxious or worried

Your faith is strengthened! Look up, then look within, because the strength that you need has left the gates of heaven to reach you.

I love you so much but this can never compare to the love God will continue to reveal in you.

P.S – If you need prayers and would like that I intercede for you, please click here.

Shalom 🕊♥✨

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