Dream big.

Some days you get up and go. Other days you get up and sit.

This month started with much fervour. Much. Confirmations. Ideas. Wisdom. Fire.

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If God has said it, why do I feel so tired?
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I have only begun to do the things God has placed in my hands. To grow them. It is so scary. Everyday, I dream of failing. I dream of running away. The genuine surprise I feel when something I thought would fail works out reminds me that the Holy Spirit is really the one controlling things over here.

On days like today, I think of the million things it feels like I am doing and the burden begins to ache. Were things better when my mind was closed to all these possibilities?

Once, there was a Favour that believed Christians should be poor, the Favour typing this wants to make billions to push the gospel. One day, I told a friend of mine that having too much money was ungodly; the Favour typing this knows that what makes the difference is utility. For Jesus.

The prophecies this month have had my head spiralling. On some mornings I am excited about the great things God will do and is already doing through me, on other mornings, I am directing all the anger I can muster against NEPA’s inconsistencies.

[tweet] God has barely started with me. I am sure of this. He opened my mind to all the possibilities in Him, the things I can do for Him, who I could be. [/tweet]

I am able because He is able. And so are you. If He has put something in your hands to do, you can certainly do it. Do not worry, friend, do not fret. In weak and despairing times, go back to the One who sent you and you will receive strength. Of the ilk Jesus received at Gethsemane. And you will receive power because the Holy One is in you.

Shalom ❤🕊✨

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