World people.

I'll need to drink anointing oil after I leave this place.

I am at a friend’s get together for his birthday and it is far from a Christian hangout. In fact, world people are the ones here. The last time I was in a gathering like this, I cannot remember.

I feel the usual response gathering moss within me; to stay taciturn? Or to open my mouth and socialise? I pick the latter. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit was in charge and I went with my friend so it was a form of accountability.

I believe we Christians often run away from the ones we should be evangelising to. I do not advocate being evenly yoked with an unbeliever or regularly going to places with plenty of world people – especially if you do not have the maturity for it.

[tweet] However, you must have the mindset that each person is simply a person that needs the love of God and is deserving of His mercy. If you can see people the way that God sees them, you will relate in the manner that shows this. [/tweet]

I’d like to say, that if you do end up in such a place or group of people, do not hide your light. You are there for a reason. Seek God’s glorification. At the event I cited above, we were playing a game where I was asked to sing my favourite song and I sang Jireh by Maverick City. My friend was asked where she had experienced the most growth this year and she said it was in her relationship with God.

Those were proud moments for us; showing off our Abba. Who knows who was watching? Who knows who we encouraged by our boldness?

Your light can shine and the darkness will comprehend it not (John 1:5).

Do you have an experience like this? How did it turn out? Do share in the comments, I would love to hear from you. You can also share this post using the social buttons below.

Shalom ❤🕊✨

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