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July went by so fast. 31/07/22.

Dearest Cheryl,

One minute it was my birthday and the next, I am three hours from the breaking of the first morning in August.

July has been a ride. I had the best birthday yet, but the rest of this month has been a blur; I’ll see if I can remember some to share with you. I released my first book two days ago, made the most serious financial commitment I’ve ever made in my life for the sake of my career and future, and some other stuff that I really cannot remember now. Oh! My mother got healed too!

If there’s one thing I’m most grateful for this July, it’s my growth in the knowledge of God, particularly when it comes to the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit has been consistently pruning, even when I’m not conscious and I’m really thankful for His mindfulness even when I don’t feel worthy of it.

I’m currently participating in a 50 days prayer challenge with my community and it’s been really uplifting. I’ve felt really down for quite some mornings this month but praying together with the body of Christ has constantly lifted my soul and strengthened my spirit. What would I ever do without my siblings in Christ? ☺️

The prophecies that have gone ahead of me since the start of this month have been coming to fruition. It’s so obvious that it would take a blind and deaf man to miss it. Especially concerning my first book, The Devotional Cheat Code, when Abba gave me a Word that this book would come with fervour for everyone who reads it, I said yes but I did not expect to materialise so vividly! I’ve begun to receive testimonies of the fervour it’s stirring in the lives of its readers and I’m so grateful to the Holy Spirit. You know, I can’t help but feel the way the Psalmist did when he asked, ‘who is man that you are so mindful of him?’ (Psalms 8:4). My reminder is that His blood makes me worthy.

Enough with the sober talk though, I had my first physical evangelism this month and it was terrific – and very funny 😂. The Holy Spirit led myself and my partner to all the people He wanted us to speak to and it touched my heart how there is still so much work to be done for the preparation of the Groom’s coming. The people that need to hear the Word of God are not only online, they are on your street and all around you. All the six people we preached to did not really look like they had great Instagram profiles, that’s if they had any at all. We met a Muslim who was quite rude and unwelcoming to us but we later found out that it was because she had been preached to earlier that day by some Jehovah Witnesses and was already provoked. Oh well. We didn’t leave when she told us to go, we ended up preaching to another woman who was in the shop with her. She was also a Muslim but was the total opposite of the first, older woman. The first thing she said when I opened my mouth was ‘me I no dey hear English o. I no go school’ meaning that she wasn’t fluent in English language. Brethren, I had to speak – and pray – in Nigerian pidgin and I can bet that God must have been amused too. My pidgin is really terrible but I think it got the job done at least 😅

Evangelism is such an eye opener. We preached to three hawkers and I gave my number to the oldest after preaching to them and patronising them too. To be honest, I can barely rate myself because I do think I did well but my hope is that the Holy Spirit does His thing in their lives as that is the most important thing. I still pray for them.

It’s August tomorrow and the Word in my spirit for this coming month is ADVANCEMENT. Passionate, fervent and forceful advancement of the body of Christ both collectively and individually. I wasn’t so excited for August but thisssssss! This makes me livid with joy.

Cheryl, I think I’ll leave you now. I’m having a bit of a headache right and I need to take out my contacts, I’ve had them in my eyes since the morning. Not gonna lie, I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow but my pastor said something today in church and I felt so attacked. Lol. He said that whatever you find to do in your hands is blessed of God. That labour is supposed to be profitable but not always sweet. While some people have got to the point where they can afford to do only what they love, not everyone has that luxury. So we work like we work for the Lord, build our discipline, learn stewardship / service and bid our time until our passion becomes our job. Amen?

Amen ❤️🕊✨

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