I lied. I don’t wanna go out more.

Here is the story of an experiment gone wrong. 13/11/22

Dear Cheryl,

I’m a homebody. Full-time, no days off.

‘Why don’t we ever go out? Our lives are like a triangle, from home to work to church and back home. It has to change this year.’

This was Amanda, my closest friend, complaining about our lack of social lives… again. I mean, it was not the first time. I looked at her with the here-we-go-again-me-I-don’t-really-mind-but-maybe-we-can-work-something-out face.

You know how you say something time and time again but it never really happens? I thought it would be like that again. But God had other plans (laughs in man proposes but God disposes).

We’re in November, right? Currently, I feel like I have gone out more in October and November than I have gone out all year long. Plus, I live in Lagos. One Lagos outing is the combination of 3 outings anywhere else. Ask anybody. My bones are groaning from all that sitting in an Uber. And the traffic? Lagos is not even a real place. Those who know, know.

Personally, I did not think my problem was going out per se. Even though I work from home, I am on the road at least 2 to 3 times every week running around for some personal projects and whatnot. But when Amanda said ‘social’, I guess she meant meeting new people and stuff.

Sigh. What is the fuss with meeting new people anyways? I’ve never really understood. I mean, it turns out nice when it happens but it’s not a sport I would go out of my way to do. Also, God always finds a way to bring the right people to my path so I just chill in that aspect.

But then again, the cycle (triangle) had to be broken. But first, FULL DISCLOSURE; have you ever looked at social media replete with pictures of people going out, taking pictures and ‘seeming’ to be having fun? And you think, I’m sure my life will be more fun if I go out. That, my friend, is a lie from the pit of hell (at least for me). Peace is found inside your house. Make it comfy and stay in. Stay indoors, kids. Stay inside. Outside is hot 🤭

I went to Jo Deep’s concert on the last Sunday of October with my friends. Oh, heaven came down and filled the room. I’d always wanted to attend a live event like that and I finally got to. It was amazing. I went to see the movie ‘Brotherhood’ another Friday this month and I also went to this amazing bookstore (I would have slept there if they had allowed me. I love the sight, smell and feel of books. Ugh!).

Look at me complaining like I went to a thousand places all over Nigeria, lol. In my defence, I did say I’m a homebody. Also, for people who date events for Sunday evenings or nights, do they consider 9-5 people or entrepreneurs? Gotta be for rich kids only. Cos I almost went for GT Fashion Weekend today and I am freaking glad it ended as an almost. I did sleep off while ordering my Uber though. Points for the homegirl. 😂

People who go out daily in Lagos are the real MVPs. Really. I consider it a blessing that I can afford not to.

I’ll be capping if I say that all the times I’ve gone out this month have been bad. Not at all, not one infact. God has really had my back because I would cry and never go out again if I’d had just one – or even half – bad experience. I have met some really great people and had GOOD experiences, (oh let me not even get started) but I am no Dora the Explorer. You know what they say. You can take the girl out of the home but you can’t take the home out of the girl. Once a homebody, always a homebody.

I like sitting at home. Reading a good book I can hold. Sipping sorrel tea while staring into space. Listening to music and dance in front of my mirror. These are a few of my favourite things. An outing is fine now and then, but for the most part, I really like to be home with my family or friends and sometimes by myself. I don’t find the outside world so fascinating. It does not help that I live in Lagos. Maybe I’ll like the outdoors in some other place that’s not Nigeria. Somewhere closer to nature than tens of industrial buildings.

The crazy part is that next month is December and I promised myself last year that this year’s Christmas would be different in terms of socializing and going to events. Will I break that promise? Stay tuned to find out. 🥹

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Later Cheryl,
God’s biro
Maranatha. ✍️

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    Going out is stressful

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