I hear the song He sings over me.

My heart has written. 05/05/23

Dear Cheryl,

I wrote this… poem sometime last month. I cannot remember the exact circumstances, but while I prayed this morning, my heart remembered it again in fondness and longing. I named it ‘my heart has written’ because it is a new song from a part of my soul I am only just discovering.

I’m thinking it is a string of words I will find myself going back to again and again, so why not put it here? Let our hearts sing together.


My mind is seated in peace
My heart is soaked in stability
I wasn’t looking
But I found something, Someone, perfec

He makes my heart swell with the purest rhythms of life
My mouth does not know how to express

In that lonely place
Where I become a stranger to myself
He fights the enemies I cannot see
And the ones I see, He has let slip through 
To strengthen me

For every ‘yes’ I say, a thousand rewards
For every ’no’, a thousand mercies

I cry out, ‘I am underserving’
He whispers, ‘You’re a son’
I cry out, ‘I am not worthy’
He whispers, ‘I have made you whole’
I protest, ‘I am filthy’
He replies, ‘I am not, what is mine is yours’

So I dust myself as He raised me by my hand and heart 
Lifted; all of me. Lifted
An end to that bow of defeat and shame
That hiding of head and face
His face shone on mine and His light entered the depths of my souls I’d never been to
Lifted; all of me, lifted

So I pledged the life He gave me back to Him
He who sings songs of commitment and loyalty over me
He is like colour in a black and white world, prospering my soul

My Abba, my Father, my Lover
As long as my hands are raised in worship of You
I have victory.

2 responses to “I hear the song He sings over me.”

  1. Aka avatar

    I want to cry🥹😭

    1. Maranatha avatar

      Feel free ❤️

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