God’s grace boggles my mind…

Grace is a beginning. I will not say 'new' because I have never heard of old beginnings.

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Grace is God’s gift and like all gifts, all you have to do is receive it.
Grace is undeserving. It’s Jacob begging Esau to forgive him even when he deserved justice.
It’s mercy when we deserve punishment.

Accepting grace is recognizing the flawed person you are and not attempting to hide it. Grace is love despite imperfections.

To accept grace takes humility. It takes a letting go of pride to kneel and say, ‘I know that I deserve this for that but please give me this instead.’

It evokes a sense of generosity on the part of the gracious one. When you ask a person to let go of what they may hold against you, you are telling them, ‘You’re the bigger person. You’re the kind one. You are generous with your clemency and though you know that I deserve punishment for this, you have the compassion to believe that I can be better. And so you give me a second chance. Again and again.’

That is grace. It’s God’s strong belief that despite our million faults, we can be better. We can do the right thing. We can trust Him, we can let go and let Him. We can come to Him.


Grace is a cover for our inability to get ourselves together. When a child takes a meat from the pot and comes to you admitting his wrong, he is met with a grace that stems not as an encouragement for his wrongdoing but as a inspiration that here is where you can get a tabula rasa, a clean slate to start over.

Grace is a beginning. I will not say ‘new’ because I have never heard of old beginnings.


Grace is dusting the sand off your shoes and stepping into something new, something devoid of judgment, something that sees you better than you see yourself, something that sees beyond your inabilities or flaws to your potential for so much more.

Grace is a gift. And like all gifts, all we have to do is receive it. I’m fond of asking, ‘how much did you get this?’ whenever I received a gift. I’ve learnt to stop too. No Google search revelation of the price will equate to the thought, good intention and love bestowed on me by the reception of that gift.

I try to fathom God’s grace but as always, I find my mind boggled with a host of ‘how cans.’ How can God not hold my sins against me? My very humanity and fallen nature stand in the way of this acceptance everyday. I have to remind myself, ‘it’s not about me, it’s just who He is.’

I have to remind myself, ‘it’s not about me, it’s just who He is.’


Perhaps, this is the most convincing thing I can say to soothe my puzzled mind. That it’s not about me. If it was, I would have to earn this, I would have to pay for this. But I don’t, because it’s not about me. With my works, I have something to boast about but not before God. (Romans 4:2).

It’s about Him. It’s simply who He is. Like I cannot understand why my little sister is so endeared to me even when I treat her a bit coldly sometimes when I am not in the mood. My fallen nature demands that she treats me in the same manner I treat her and so when she does not, I simply attribute that to who she is. She cannot help it. For some reason I may understand in the future but I don’t now.

So I do not fully comprehend God’s grace. I have written all these to say that. I admit.
Like the Psalmist sings, God’s thoughts are too high, I simply cannot comprehend them. His ways are not my ways. He is far too kind, far too loving and He bestows upon us daily mercies beyond our wildest imaginations.
On some days I fall short and as I struggle to get in the right by working towards it, the Holy Spirit reminds me that I can go back, just as I am, because of this grace. That I need to believe that this grace is available for me, by faith, and not anything that I could ever do. That even if I worked endlessly for it, I could never earn it.

I know about God’s grace. I know He has cleaned my sins off. I know it is freely given. But why? Because He loves me. Me? To say I am undeserving is an attenuation of the truth. Perhaps the greatest havoc the fall of Adam wreaked on my mind is that I daily struggle to accept what I have not worked for. That I daily have to remind myself that I am not deserving but He gives it to me by His mercies because that is just who He is.

And I am grateful for the reminder. It brings me to my knees and my heart sings, ‘Thank You ABBA.’ For deeming me worthy. Everyday, I try to see myself like He does. I love the view.

I am learning to accept this grace, with my arms wide open, running into His outstretched arms.

I may not know everything but one thing I do know, is who ABBA is. Who He has always been and will continue to be. That I do understand. And that I can rely on. Music plays from my phone’s speakers and Travis Greene’s lyrics assure me of what I know, that He is good and I am loved. That’s all that matters.

Shalom ♥🕊✨

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