Where to find a Christian Hedonist. 

Fems: ‘If swallowed fast enough, you’d taste nothing.’
Maranatha: ‘Hmmmm, I’ll pass. I think food should be savoured.’
Fems: ‘That’s it. I’ve confirmed it finally. You are a Christian Hedonist.’
Maranatha: ‘Omg, remember when this was an issue in (All you have to be is) Light 😂’
Fems: ‘Once is a coincidence. Twice? Na fam, you like enjoyment and you now found the enjoyment in JESUS.’

Dear Cheryl,

Hedonism is defined as the pursuit of pleasure. I am not in pursuit of pleasure but in my pursuit of God, I see that it can mean the same thing. 

This kind of pleasure does not follow a linear trajectory. It is not strictly sensory enjoyment as the world knows it. A better explanation of this kind of pleasure is found in the acceptance of these words from Job:

”What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?”
Job 2:10, KJV

Pleasure to me is whatever achieves the will of God. I do not go looking for trouble but when it finds me as the Lord allows it, I embrace it with open arms and try to find the will of Christ in it. And if I do not—if I do not understand—I will obey.

And when there is no trouble, I will put down my bags, throw my hands up and have a good-good time. Is it food? I will eat for my body and my soul: discovering every flavour per spoon. Is it having fun? I will have fun in a way that pleases Yahweh, and smile till my face hurts. We are not too serious over here. 

I haven’t lived this soft life very long. I haven’t always had this mindset; in fact, I remember when I thought to be in Christ was to be a serious and strict person. But isn’t it this same Christ who asked me to ‘be of good cheer?’ (John 16:33). The one who sat and dined with men while he walked the earth; attending weddings and events? The joy He gives that is within me bubbles out of me—I cannot hold back.

I can have it both ways, every way. I can enjoy in Christ and I can suffer in and for Him. It is a pleasure nonetheless. 

I apologize for using the word ‘hedonism’ to kickstart this, it does not connote something holy by its standard definition. Perhaps, in the future, I will find a better word that goes as deep as I want the understanding of what I’m writing to go while draining it of worldly taint. 

Me 🤝 enjoyment.

I have lived every book I have written and in this new book I’m writing, I am trying to redefine pleasure and softness for the one who chooses Christ. I hope I succeed because if I do, I will be able to share this freedom with the world

I cannot wait 🫶✨

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