Let God in.

God is so misunderstood but is anyone really trying to understand?

I’ve heard people accuse God over and over again of being a dictator and a patronizer of evil. That if he’s so powerful; why are bad things happening in the world?


It appears this question will never get old. It is a question that hurts me, because those who ask this often ask from a place of deep hurt and lack of understanding.

Why do bad things happen in this world? It is because this world, borne of sin, is subject to its master, the devil. 2 Corinthians 4:4 clarifies that the devil is indeed the god of this world. When God made Adam, He gave him dominion – first expressed in giving Adam charge over all other creations and agreeing with him. Adam’s sin turned over this dominion to the devil, so you get the idea.

A dictator always carries out His will, regardless of whether his subjects want it or not. Does that sound like God? God’s will is written over and over again in the Bible and here is one, ‘not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.’ (2 Peter 3:9). Have all repented? Do all live holy lives? I believe the answer to these are clear.

Where am I going with this? PERMISSION.
God does not work without the permission of men; it is essential for the relationship that He deeply desires with His children.

If God was really able to make everything happen as He wanted without our input, we would certainly not be here on earth. But then, we would also not be sons who are free to make a choice. We would be slaves who must obey their master whether they want to or not.

Jesus Himself said; “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” (Revelations 3:20). He is not kicking your door down, it is still your decision to let Him in or keep Him out.

Make no mistake, God is still in charge. I see it as a landlord and caretaker situation. God has created earth and put principles and laws here on His earth as guiding principles for every action. This means that every action has its own consequences – you don’t have to be in Christ to plant crops and have them yield good fruits. That is a laid down rule. But Satan has Adam’s lease so everyone born of Adam can only switch allegiance in Jesus. God is a respecter of the rules He put in place.

A time will come when the devil will be put in his proper place, a time that I look forward to with gusto.

In the meantime, God seeks that you let Him in; this is why prayer is so important. With prayer, you let God in more and more, He keeps your heart in check and filters your desires.

[tweet] For every answered prayer, there is a man that surrendered to God. [/tweet]

That man should be you. Effective prayer is one full of passion, persistent and continued. This is your sign to go deeper in your prayer life with Him. This is your sign to let God in, because He cannot move if you do not let Him.

Pray this:

Lord, I surrender to You
In everything that I do
Whatever hinders You from moving in my life,
Today I remove
And if I am the mountain,
Lord move me.

Shalom ❤️🕊✨

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