God first, everything else next.

Is this what it feels like to be loved by God? 02/06/22.

Dear Cheryl,

The best parts of my life remains all the times that God opened my eyes to not just the truths of the Word but the reason behind them. Today, I woke up with a revelation that could have only been from the Holy Spirit, let me tell you:

You know how the Bible commands to put God first and every other thing will be added unto you? It’s been one of those passages that I’d just sort of passively accepted because ‘God says so’ is really all the reason I need to obey. However, it’s just a different thing, and shows how tender the Holy Spirit is, when He is able to apply the Scripture in such a way that explains it in my life. The Word just comes alive.

Recently, I have found my hands getting fuller with material possessions and while it’s been a sort of necessity, it’s also been quite new. As I did some chores early this morning while thinking of the million things I had to sort out, I had a knowing in my spirit that, ‘This is why you have to put God first.’ As I continued, I carried on this conversation within me with the Holy Spirit and He explained many things to me.

I can say that I have found ‘practical’ reasons to put God first. The more I come closer to all I think I need, all I’ve ever dreamed, the more I understand why God asked His children to put Him first. Achievements can be intoxicating, they bring that false sense of security that traps you into thinking they’re all you will ever need. For me, the more I reach for these things and get them, the more I understand just how fleeting they can be. I mean, one moment I did not have them and now I do. I could lose them in the next moment too, it’s my best bet on hold on to the source.

To better illustrate, He brought to my mind the analogy of the golden goose that lay golden eggs; nobody in their right minds would pick a supply of golden eggs for a year over the golden goose itself and yet, it is what many do when they exalt their talents and / or possessions over the God who gave it. Again, He used the parable of the rich fool in Luke 12:13-21 to explain the end of a man whose security rests in what He has. The reason he spent so much time minding his business, pulling down barns and rebuilding, was because God wasn’t minding it for him. And how could God? When the rich fool wasn’t minding His business?

It’s been a surreal experience for me and the only way I’ve been able to hold on and retain my balance is by steady gazing at God, who is the architect of it all. If anything, I’m realising that keeping my focus on God is way more easy than trying to grasp all that surrounds me and continues to. It’s the simplest logic ever, I hold on to God and He holds on to these other things for me. Isn’t that awesome? He says, Just hold on to Me, I’ll worry about all these things for you but you just hold on to me. That’s all you need to do!’ His arms are not just big, His grip is tight too and He’s the creator of everything that I have. He is my golden goose, my Supply. I will put Him in front.

So I keep my gaze on Him. When I start to feel overwhelmed or too excited or even underwhelmed, I look at Him. He never lets my gaze falter for too long. I stay looking at God. I hold on to Him.

Abba, I hold on to You, it’s so hard to hold on to anything else. I hold on to You. I hold on to You tightly. I’m in love with these creative miracles You’re performing in my life but I can also see how frail and temporary they can be. You’re the One thing in my life that is unchanging and You provide that stability without which my life will crumble. So I hold on to You. The Solid Rock has never sounded so good a name to describe You. I hold on to You. My firm foundation. I hold on to You. These things may come and go but I don’t mind, I have You. I hold on to You.

  • Your General,
    Maranatha. ❤

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