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In this space, I share everything that God asks me to. But think outside of the box with me–if you’re looking for think pieces head over to the Articles category. Short stories? Head to the Short Stories category. If it’s specifically about my walk with JESUS, you want to make your bed in My JESUS diary. Poems, prayers, any way you turn, you’re sure to meet the TRUTH. ✨

  • An intercessor 🤍

    An intercessor 🤍

    God is no longer the man upstairs. Israel’s method of reconciliation was truly fascinating. There was a demarcation between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. The High Priest could only atone for the sins of people after atoning for himself. Asides from how stressful this sounds, think of how expensive too… all those…


  • Oh, David, how could you?

    Oh, David, how could you?

    Nothing hurts than a friend who won’t listen; a friend who turns his back on another Friend. The David-Bathsheba story is really… intriguing. A little back story from 2 Samuel 11 is this – David, at a time of war in Israel, stays behind in his palace. His gaze happens to fall on Bathsheba who…


  • Let God in.

    Let God in.

    God is so misunderstood but is anyone really trying to understand? I’ve heard people accuse God over and over again of being a dictator and a patronizer of evil. That if he’s so powerful; why are bad things happening in the world? Sigh. It appears this question will never get old. It is a question…


  • World people.

    World people.

    I’ll need to drink anointing oil after I leave this place. I am at a friend’s get together for his birthday and it is far from a Christian hangout. In fact, world people are the ones here. The last time I was in a gathering like this, I cannot remember. I feel the usual response…


  • Dream big.

    Dream big.

    Some days you get up and go. Other days you get up and sit. This month started with much fervour. Much. Confirmations. Ideas. Wisdom. Fire. [tweet] –If God has said it, why do I feel so tired?– [/tweet] I have only begun to do the things God has placed in my hands. To grow them.…


  • All my struggles of working from home.

    All my struggles of working from home.

    Ogonna, please boil rice before your sister comes back from school. These are the kinds of messages I get when I am trying to focus on work like ‘mummy can you not?’ I get up and do it anyways, unless I want my ears to fall off from talks of how I will disgrace myself…


  • It’s my birthday!

    It’s my birthday!

    It’s my birthday today. 28/02/2022. Now that I think about it, I really found Love in the love month.On this day, last year, Yeshua carried me out of the Pit: I was weak and helpless.Now all I do is what He wants. It’s been beyond beautiful since then. He keeps giving me: the bond of…


  • Don’t let the pain change you. Please.

    Don’t let the pain change you. Please.

    For a second, I cannot hear anything. Maybe pain deafens too. There are different forms of pain, but I believe the highest of them all is death. Because it steals hope and contradicts everything that life stands for. When I lost my brother a few years back, it was an entanglement with not just bad…


  • Roses are red, Val’s day should end.

    Roses are red, Val’s day should end.

    This post is for single people only. No Valentine for you? Again this year? Wiun. Ok ok, wait, I’m not here to mock you. See, there is no need to be sad, look at the perks of not having a Valentine’s date: You won’t get to wear red and white. Because you are not Santa…


  • Fasting Day 11 – The last day.

    Fasting Day 11 – The last day.

    I bring you good tidings from the Most High. I’ve had the most stressful past three days and enough reasons to send me into the stress ER. I like to think I’m getting better at holding my own. The most beautiful thing happens this afternoon, when a close friend of mine refers me to a…